We Are AGREE Lyrics

Intro (INDIA):

I’d like to share how we can all live peacefully. It starts with you and me,
showing kindness and empathy. I’ve felt a change in me and now I believe….

Verse 1:

I believe with love in my heart a new start will begin to shine forth, and I know
even foes can be friends, for I see their humanity. I believe….I believe…..Cuz…


We’ve got sun shining on our faces. We’ve got beauty and open spaces.
Mother Earth she holds us up, no matter what.
And every day when I walk these places I can see me in all your faces.
Happiness begins in me, and that’s my belief.

Verse 2:

I believe when I find someone in need to reach out for I know it could be me.
And I do as I’d have them do unto me. They’re just part of We. I believe…We

Bridge (China):

We are all one world, every boy and girl can give. We all play a part we
Young……but our voices matter.
Here…….living close together.
Now…….the choice is in us.
We will lift each other!

Layered (Afro Cuban):
1st Group – ooo way oooo way oooo (4 cts of 8)
1st and 2nd Group – We are AGREE. We’re Arizona. We are educating peacefully. (4 cts of 8)
3rd Group – We’ve got sunlight. We’ve got music. We’ve got dancing. We’re AGREE! (4 cts of 8)
1st Group – I believe with love in my heart.
2nd Group – I believe when I find someone in need.
3rd Group – I believe in this world we can agree,
All: …and see. We believe.