Golden Rule Schools

Your School Can Become a Golden Rule School!

What are the Requirements?

Schools can submit as a whole or select student projects to submit here. Simply fill out the online form below, submitting media supporting how your school embodies the Golden Rule with the help of AGREE Resources.

AGREE Impact on Your School


Does Your School Embody the Golden Rule?

Each year one school will be selected for outstanding examples of incorporating the “Golden Rule” concept into the life of the school. This school will have upheld high academic standards that implement the Golden Rule with empathy, respect, civility and kindness.  

Arizona Golden Rule Schools

May it continue to grow, and grow, and grow, and…….

Not Ready to Submit?

Contact an AGREE Team member to schedule a consultation for your school. Utilize the free AGREE Materials, helping you teach the Golden Rule in your classroom and remember to record your story through images, testimonials and stories. You will create a Golden Rule story on your campus through your own unique, school-wide Golden Rule Plan!