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  • Egg Money

    Businesses must be profitable to survive. What effect does following the Golden Rule have on their workers, the environment and their community?During the last years of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth, many women kept small flocks of chickens for more than their food value. During good times, “egg money”, made … Continue reading »Egg Money

  • Four Remarkable Leaders

    Four Remarkable Leaders: Leave a Legacy of ServiceArizona has a long history of relying on women leaders. What sacrifices accompany accepting a position of leadership?Would it be easier or more difficult to be part of a family tradition of leadership? Stroll through the beautiful community of Prescott and it is easy to find evidence of … Continue reading »Four Remarkable Leaders

  • But Why the Hungry?

    “But Why the Hungry?”: One Man’s Dream Spreads From Phoenix Around the World Is it really possible for one person to take on a huge problem and make a difference in finding a solution? What type of person does it take to make a significant impact? Hungry? We’ve all had the “I need a snack” … Continue reading »But Why the Hungry?

  • Being the Voice for Millions of Sisters

    What are some major changes which occurred in American society in the last 100 years? What are some characteristics of good leaders?How would you rate the equality of opportunities for women and minorities 100 years ago? In your opinion, how much equality of opportunity exists today? What part does effort and determination play in gaining … Continue reading »Being the Voice for Millions of Sisters

  • “Golden Rule Moments, from #LiveGoldenaz!” in the AZ Republic

    Golden Rule Moments, from #LiveGoldenaz! Kendra Ruth Special to Arizona Republic USA TODAY NETWORK It was a Live Golden Reunion – true Golden Moments to celebrate! Nivea Krishan and Grant Williams, the original Live Golden hosts, have set an amazing example, addressing important topics with teens and sharing them with the general public. #LiveGoldenaz episodes are … Continue reading »“Golden Rule Moments, from #LiveGoldenaz!” in the AZ Republic

  • How to live authentically as a Golden Rule activist

    On June 2, 2020, 14.6 million people uploaded a single black square to their social media feed in light of the Black Lives Matter protests. This extensive online crusade swarmed the nation by storm after protests in the summer of 2020 and established the framework for the upcoming social media activist movement that still dominates … Continue reading »How to live authentically as a Golden Rule activist