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Airing the second Tuesday of the month on AZTV Channel 7 between 8 and 9 am as part of the “Daily Mix” morning show, #LiveGolden explores Golden Rule behavior in Arizona with an emphasis on issues important to teenagers. The segment features high school students as they interview peers and experts on various subjects ranging from social media and mental health to political divisiveness and civic engagement. Though the segments differ in focus, common among each two- to three-minute video is the affirmation of the significance of civility and respect in an increasingly globalized and often polarized society.

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On today’s segment of LiveGolden, Manvi and Trisha will take a look at into the role of activism in social media, as well as the role of social media on activsm! Videographer, James Kinny. Aired on AZTV, channel 7, on April 13, 2021.
Manvi and Trisha take an in-depth look at teens and sports! 
Surprising information our audience will learn:  On today’s segment of LiveGolden, we will be exploring sportsmanship in high school students in Arizona! The golden rule has been observed by athletes for many years now; however, its importance goes unnoticed. Especially during this pandemic which has brought about oscillations of unpredictability, athletes that continue to persevere in sports are able to come together and build bridges above the walls that COVID-19 has created. Resilient youth illustrate how deep the values of respect, honesty, civility, and kindness impact the way we view and participate in sports today. Winning, winning, winning…Is that what sports is really about? Well, according to these athletes, integrity must be placed on the same pedestal as winning in sports. Integrity is the foundational principle for creating uplifting and supportive environments that allow all of the athletes, whether they are on the same team or opposing team, to flourish. The golden rule is cultivated on the soil of integrity, and this is effortlessly demonstrated by these youth who work hard AND play hard!
#LiveGoldenAZ​ Hosts, Manvi and Trisha, take an in-depth look at the ways in which teenagers respond to mental health difficulties and how to “Live Golden,” — in building a kind community that addresses mental health openly and respectfully. A universal rule that goes hand-in-hand with the golden rule is that ignorance is the root of hatred. If we really want to treat others the way that not only we want to be treated, but also the way THEY want to be treated, we must have open conversations full of respect that dispel ignorance of issues like mental health. Along with hosting open dialogues, these youth also augmented their empathy for the differing pains that people are suffering from currently, which is another core tenet of the golden rule. Airing on AZTV the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month between 8-9am and on websites, (Golden Rule) and, “Live Golden” tab.
How to “Live Golden” during these trying times when it is so meaningful to be together with our families and carry along traditions we hold dear is explored by teens, Manvi and Trisha, Hosts for “LiveGoldenaz”. This segment aired on AZTV, channel 7 January 12 and repeats Jan. 26

Current Golden Rule Team:
Nivea Krishnan – host – Now Manvi Harde
Evan Crabtree – host – now Trisha Panse
James Kinney – videographer
Anusha Rahman – Publicist