AGREE’s free resources provide a vital tool for character development and social interaction in our schools today. The basis is simple, multicultural, and tied to academic standards, including the Arts. AGREE also provides recognition opportunities for both students and schools in the state of Arizona.

How is AGREE Funded?

AGREE is made possible by the “Live the Golden Rule” Arizona license plate. AGREE is a character development resource for our schools which grew out of the efforts the Arizona Interfaith Movement (AZIFM), with the May 13, 2003 resolution naming Arizona as the first Golden Rule State. AGREE is a nonreligious program of AZIFM. The Golden Rule license plate was developed to bring awareness of the Golden Rule to our citizens and provide a means for materials and programs: to further the living of “Kindness, Empathy, Respect, and Civility.”

How Can I Get a Golden Rule License Plate?

You can order a custom Golden Rule license plate for your vehicle.  $25 initial fee/ $25 annual renewal. No special requirements. Available to everyone at AZDOT. The Department of Transportation donates $17 of the proceeds to Golden Rule Education in Arizona and to help AGREE provide free resources to schools.

Governor Janet Napolitano and Members of the AZIFM Council. Signing of the Golden Rule license plate statute, “…Living and practicing the Golden Rule will have a powerfully positive effect on each individual and the society in which we all live.”

What is Unique About AGREE?

AGREE free resources are created “by Arizonans, for Arizonans” and are adaptable by educators. AGREE is a non-religious program, with activities designed to address the AZ Academic Standards and offer enrichment in the Visual and Performing Arts. Grades 9-12 Reading and Writing Standards are tied to “Golden Lives”, a growing collection of biographies of Arizonans whose lives and conduct reflect some aspect of the Golden Rule. The living body of work will grow as selected student essays are added to the following year’s edition. The Arts Experiences for K-5 give teachers an easily accessible resource for facilitation of the arts in their classrooms. In addition, resources are being developed annually that incorporate higher order thinking skills and deductive reasoning.

Kaye Anderson and Darl Anderson. Darl Anderson was a man who exemplified and lived out the Golden Rule in a way that few people have witnessed. It was Darl’s dream that the Golden Rule would impact the entire State of Arizona and make Arizona “The Golden Rule State.

What makes the Golden Rule Unique to Arizona?

Arizona became the first official State in the United States on May, 13, 2003. Signed by the Secretary of State, Jan Brewer and supported by legislation, with the initiative to “Treat others the Way you Like to be Treated” being of utmost importance to Arizonans Statewide. With Golden Rule Cities and Schools, this is the thread that connects us not only locally, but globally.

Dr. Paul Eppinger, AZIFM Exec. Director, and Governor Jan Brewer. Arizona is the first Golden Rule State in our Country! This beautiful AZ license plate was originated by AZIFM to be a traveling billboard for kindness, and civility.

Made by Arizonans: AGREE Contributors

Ivan AargonDialect (Spanish)SSB Arts Experiences 
Kirra AbplanalpYouth ReporterGolden Artist Interviews, Cup Song Tutorial, Experience the Golden Rule Video
Brian AndersenVolunteerSocial Media
Chris AndradeResource ReviewArts Experiences
Larisa BalderramaDesign, BrandingSSB Arts Experiences, Goldie the Navigator, AGREE Graphics
Brigid BensonVideographerGoldie the Navigator
Daynen BiggsVideographer“We are AGREE” Music Video
Julie ClementCostume, Set Design, Volunteer, Resource ReviewAGREE Arts Workshop, Film Director, SSB Review 
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