The World’s a Goldmine

The Golden Rule is in action everywhere. Find a collection of Golden moments as witnessed by AGREE School Liaison and Creator of the Stars Shine Brightly Album, Kendra Ruth. Go to The World’s a Goldmine Blog

Key Words

It’s About: Empathy, Kindness, Respect & Civility

This brief video beautifully shows all of these golden-rule attributes and is sure to make you smile.

EMPATHY – Seeing what another is feeling and reaching out to help

KINDNESS – is always appreciated and comes back to you

RESPECT – Have gratitude every day necessities

CIVILITY – Friendships help you endure and keep your cool

Curriculum Sample – Many to One

Mathematical Deductive Reasoning Problems These deductive reasoning problems connect with Arizona Math Standards in the areas of Algebraic Thinking, Number Operations in Base Ten, and Mathematical Practices. What is the connection with the Golden Rule?  In life, we are usually presented with many choices.  Circumstances often lead us to narrow […]