If you are a high school student (Grades 9-12), this is for YOU!!

Essay Contest!


  • Two seniors will receive a $500 Award; bonus opportunity could be available.
  • One $100 Award will be given for each of the grades 9-12 for the outstanding Essay or Biography deserving of an Honorable Mention and publication.
  • Other 9-12 students may receive recognition by an Honorable Mention and publication
  • In addition to the recognition by publication of their essay, two senior students, will be selected to receive the Arlene McCabe Golden Rule Award, and one student per grades 9-12 will receive and award. Collaborative Art and Music pieces will be given recognition and, if with an essay or bio receiving an award, will be given a bonus.
  • Art / Music: A cash bonus and/or recognition will be awarded for a student who creates an art and / or musical piece reflecting the Golden Rule theme in the actions of the person’s life.


  • Biographical essay of two to six type-written pages in length about an Arizonan with a minimum of four comprehension questions.  Correct grammatical form is required.  The writing should bring the “Golden Lives” subject to life for the readers. The writing needs to include the person’s impact and contribution in leading a Golden Rule life.

Submission deadline is April 1.

Golden Rule Essay


Elementary & Middle School Students (K-8)

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