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Live Golden at home

Given the unforeseen circumstances produced by COVID-19, it is more important than ever for the teenage community to stay involved and connected. As such, LiveGoldenAZ has continued to spread our message and bolster the voices of our peers across the state. Utilizing social media platforms has enabled us to not only get more students involved but broaden our audience as well.

Staying engaged is no easy task, and the current environment has made it even more challenging. Even so, Live-GoldenAZ improved the format of our television segment to elevate participation in the campaign. For one, we established contact with the Arizona Class of 2020 Instagram page, managed by the state’s student council representatives. Through this connection, we were able to raise awareness about our efforts and increase the number of our followers significantly. Our active participants in the segment grew as well, as we now conduct interviews virtually and thus remove the barrier of distance and travel. While this situation is by no means ideal, it has motivated us to find creative ways to include more young adults in our effort. Keeping with the current times, we found it most suitable to make our first “quarantined” segment about finding positive, healthy ways to keep ourselves busy.

Teenagers around the state proposed numerous innovative and artistic strategies to stay occupied while at home. Through several virtual interviews, many of our peers expressed that this time has given them the opportunity to try new things, like art, exercise and other hobbies. This time has also given them the ability to prepare for life after high school and spend more time with their families. Doing these things to keep yourself busy and positive is important — without them, it is easy to feel lost. Many students proposed to get motivation by setting up a daily schedule. For example, a senior that we interviewed discussed how they allocate the first half of their day to schoolwork and household responsibilities and devote the second half to digital community engagement efforts. Moreover, some individuals are taking active measures to lessen the impact of the quarantine on families. Cori Borgstadt, a sophomore at Centennial High School, dedicates her afternoons to a low risk activity to support the economy. These service actions of young adults in Arizona superbly demonstrate the creative ways in which we are spending our time.

Our senior class was especially hit hard by the cancellations of important events like prom and graduation. However, the class of 2020 is working to coordinate makeup events later on in the year. The Summer Nights Festival is the perfect example, as it is bringing together local businesses to plan celebrations for prom and graduation in June. Furthermore, high schools are recognizing the achievements of their seniors by posting on popular social media platforms. In an interesting way, these drastic circumstances have helped bring school communities closer.

In this unprecedented time, it is important to employ the Golden Rule and remain respectful and empathetic to those around you. It is also crucial that we practice kindness by reaching out to those we cannot physically interact with and maintaining healthy relationships.

We at LiveGoldenAZ hope that everyone remains safe and healthy during these historic times. Our new segments air on the second Thursday of each month on AZTV7 at 8 a.m. and can also be found at goldenruleeducation.org/ live-golden/. To help spread the message of the Golden Rule, please follow our social media @livegoldenaz and message us for the chance to be interviewed next! Stay safe, stay kind, and remember to Live Golden.

Nivea Krishnan is the co-founder, team leader and managing director/ producer of LiveGoldenAZ. Evan Crabtree is the co-host of LiveGoldenAZ.

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Nivea Krishnan and Evan Crabtree Guest columnists

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