Scope and Sequence (K-12)

Reading and writing activities for the AGREE Curriculum are designed to address the AZ State Standards as well as College and Career Readiness (CCR) Anchor Standards for Reading, Writing and Math and to give opportunities for the Arts.  AGREE’s curriculum engages students in multicultural activities fostering an environment of respect, understanding and support.

Reading 1-8
Specific attention is paid to CCR Standards
1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 and 10

Writing 1-8:
Specific attention is paid to CCR Standards
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9

Math 1-8:

Specific attention is paid to CCR Standards:

  • Operation and Algebraic Thinking

  • Number Operations in Base 10

  • Fractions

  • Rations and Functions

  • Making Mathematical Inferences and Justifying Conclusions

K-8 Arts by Grade

Grade / Objective / Story / Region

PreK / Understanding the concept of the Golden Rule (GR) / The Lion and the Mouse / Aesop’s Fable / Greece

K / Further Developing of Golden Rule Acts / Seῆor Coyote the Judge / Mexico

1st / Cooperating with Golden Rule behavior / The Hunter and the Ducks / India &
Protecting yourself with GR Behavior / The Lion and the Crane / India

2nd / Applying Golden Rule to public and private property / How Raven Solved a Problem / Aesop’s Fable / Greece

3rd / Common world-wide theme of GR Assessing GR behavior under stress / Two Hikers and the Bear / Aesop’s Fable / Greece

4th / Finding common morals in different regions and cultures / The Friendship of Tortoise and Eagle / Native America & Anansi and Turtle / Africa

5th / Analyzing common traits of characters Modernizing tales / We Are All One / China

6th / Analyzing the importance of setting & time period and their effects on the problem & its solution / The Barber’s Magic Mirror / Spain

7th / Identifying the time period, setting and effects on characters’ actions / Wisdom & Foolishness, Djhua’s Sleeve, Beautiful Mi Tzu-hsia, The Grandaughter’s Sled / Syria, China, Russia

8th / Identifying how dialog and incidents propel actions, reveal personality, provoke decisions and actions of characters / The Orphan Boy / Native America

Reading & Writing 9-12

Students will read, respond to, and summarize the biographies in the “Golden Lives” collection.  The standards for the areas of Key Ideas and Details, Craft, and Structure, Integration of Knowledge and Ideas, and Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity will be addressed as students read, analyze, and comprehend these biographies of Arizonans, past and present.  After finishing the articles and comprehension activities in the collection, students will research and write a biography of a person who, in some way, models the Golden Rule.  Comprehension questions must be apart of the article.  Writing will reflect the standards of Research to Build and Present Knowledge, Range of Writing, Text Types, Purposes and Production and Distribution.  Schools may select biographies to be submitted to the AGREE board for selection in the next year’s collection of “Golden Lives.”