Arizona Golden Rule Educational Experiences (AGREE)

  • character development curriculum including reading, math writing, arts
  • simple, multicultural, non-religious
  • tied to Arizona academic standards
  • opportunities for recognition and grants


Arizona Golden Rule Educational Experiences = AGREE, a program under a Arizona 501(c)(3) Non-profit Organization.

AGREE’s Mission is to provide educational experiences with high academic standards that implement the Golden Rule with empathy, respect, civility and kindness.

AGREE’s Vision is a world of civility, respect and harmony among all people with the Golden Rule as a standard for conduct.

AGREE’s Purpose is to provide an academic-based curriculum that inspires “Gold Standard” behavior.


What is unique about AGREE?


AGREE activities will be “for Arizonans, by Arizonans,” and are adaptable by educators. Program activities are designed to address the AZ Academic Standards and offer enrichment in the Visual and Performing Arts as follows: K-8: Math, Reading, and Writing are tied to specific Standards. (CCRs) 9-12: Reading, Writing Standards are tied to “Golden Lives”, a growing collection of biographies of Arizonans whose lives and conduct reflect some aspect of the Golden Rule. The living body of work will grow as selected student essays are added to the following year’s edition. Student artwork, music, or dramatic performances may accompany these essays and will receive recognition for outstanding work. In addition, activities incorporate higher order thinking skills and deductive reasoning.


Who are the people behind AGREE?

LeAnn-Basha1 LeAnn Basha, Golden Rule Coordinator

LeAnn lives in Arizona with her husband Edward. She has 5 children and 6 grandchildren.   She has served in many leadership positions over the last 30 years both in her community and within her church. Most of her church service has been with the children and young adults organizations within her faith. She has also had the opportunity to sit on many Boards in her community, one of her favorites being the Emily Andersen Center at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. LeAnn has a passion for children’s issues and things that affect their ability to grow up in a healthy community and world.   AGREE work has quickly captured her heart.

suelyn Sue Lynn Stiner, Curriculum Writer / Consultant

Sue Lynn taught remedial Reading, lower Elementary; was the District Coordinator, teaching TAG program (Talented and Gifted); Taught students grades 3-8, coordinated programming at the High School level that enabled students to take AP Classes at their High School, and College Credit classes at the Community College; she served as a Regional Speech Contest Judge Academic Decathlon Advisor; Coached the team participating in Drake University’s Law School Mach Trial Tournament for 11 years, competed in the state tournament many times and were in the final four 10 times, won one year. She was the Director of a Children’s Theatre for 10 years; a Belin-Blank Leadership Fellow, University of Iowa and was part of the State Committee which wrote the Standards for Social Studies K-12. These standards were adopted by the “No Child Left Behind” Initiative. She was one of 300 teachers selected to go to Japan to participate in Japanese Schools as a Fulbright Memorial Scholar. Through her work with AGREE, she is constantly encouraged to find Golden Rule behavior in herself and others.

Anne and Lloyd Anne Taylor, AGREE Chair

Anne is a former violin teacher and has performed in several orchestras. She has served in various leadership roles for her church and volunteer organizations, and has a special place in her heart when it comes to children.  She has served on the Arizona Interfaith Movement Board since 2000, has served as its Treasurer and is currently on its staff. She actively helped Arizona to become the first Golden Rule State, and to get the “Live the Golden Rule” license plate in AZ. She has found it heartwarming to discover that the Golden Rule is a guidepost for most faith traditions and so many secular guidelines.



Kendra Clement, AGREE Performing Arts Specialist

Kendra R. Clement is an Arizona State University graduate and a world traveler, recently returned from an epic adventure in Spain. She is passionate about singing and the performing arts, writing music and creating art spontaneously thanks to the amazing mentors in her life. Seeking to accomplish one dream at a time, her heart and mind are continuously flooded with dreams and ambitions. The AGREE music and completion of this cd has been one of those dreams made true. To all who listen, this music was created to magnify the power of one and promote the sacredness of many: peace, love and a golden walking.

How is AGREE funded and why are its materials free?


A copy of AGREE materials will be provided at no cost to each school participating. This is made possible by the “Live the Golden Rule” Arizona license plate. Utilization of AGREE as a character development program in our schools grew out of the May 13, 2003 Resolution naming Arizona as the first Golden Rule State.


What are AGREE incentives and awards?


A. Monetary incentives will be awarded annually as follows: To teachers whose submitted lesson plans for original activities are accepted as part of the following year’s edition. To one school selected for outstanding examples of incorporating the “Golden Rule” concept into the life of the school. Two Senior Awards will be given for a “Golden Lives” Essay or Biography. One Award will be given to each of the grade levels 9-12 for a “Golden Lives Essay or Biography. Bonus Awards will be given to Music and Art Students who collaborated with the Awarded “Golden Lives” Essay or Biography Students. One Video production Award will be given.
B. Recognition incentives (to Students, Schools, Districts) will be awarded annually to students for being published in the “Golden Lives” Collection, as follows: Student’s essays. Student’s artwork, music or drama selected to illustrate published essays.


Why is AGREE important?


AGREE materials provide a vital tool for character development and social interaction in our schools today. The basis is simple, multi-cultural, and tied to academic standards and possibilities for the Arts. Provided at no cost, AGREE provides opportunities for student recognition and much-needed grants to Arizona’s schools, educators and students.


What if I’d like to get this started in my state?


AGREE materials may be shared with educators around the globe on an “at cost” basis.  We have prepared a notebook for grades 1-8 with starter curriculum and a CD that has 12 songs that go with some of the stories, and another notebook for grades 9-12, called “Golden Lives.”  This entire set of materials costs us about $50 to produce and may be found in our “Store”.