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“Bringing Golden Rule to the playing field” published

The fresh green grass lay crisp with a hint of morning dew as the sun rose above my neighborhood park. The playground still stood proudly over the sea of messy wood chips, and the faint buzzing of the sprinklers could be heard occasionally throughout the day. However, this familiar landscape […]

“Living Golden (Even When It’s Hard): 5 Tips for Families”

Image via Pexels Living Golden (Even When It’s Hard): 5 Tips for Families by Jenna Sherman It’s been a tough year to stay positive. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, families were feeling grateful for the extra time at home together. However, as time presses on, cabin fever has […]

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It’s About: Empathy, Kindness, Respect & Civility This brief video beautifully shows all of these golden-rule attributes and is sure to make you smile.