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Golden Rule Essay


Golden Lives Essay Criteria:

A biographical essay consisting of a 2–6-page type-written document exported to PDF format. Correct grammatical form is required (MLA standards). Essays should be written about an Arizonan (past or present) who’s impact and contribution lead to a Golden Rule life. The writing should bring the “Golden Lives” subject to life for the readers, utilizing a minimum of four comprehension questions. Open to all 9th through 12th grade High School Students in Arizona. 

Essay examples:

  • Darl Andersen, Golden Rule Man

    What Makes a “Golden Life?” Ask the “Golden Rule Man.” What made Darl Andersen Arizona’s Golden Rule Man? What motivates any person to choose to ‘do the hard thing because it is right?’ Why do people make financial sacrifices to help worthy causes? Why do people stand up to peer pressure to defend people who … Continue reading »Darl Andersen, Golden Rule Man

  • Being the Voice for Millions of Sisters

    What are some major changes which occurred in American society in the last 100 years? What are some characteristics of good leaders?How would you rate the equality of opportunities for women and minorities 100 years ago? In your opinion, how much equality of opportunity exists today? What part does effort and determination play in gaining … Continue reading »Being the Voice for Millions of Sisters