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Golden Rule Essay


Golden Lives Essay Criteria:

A biographical essay consisting of a 2–6-page type-written document exported to PDF format. Correct grammatical form is required (MLA standards). Essays should be written about an Arizonan (past or present) who’s impact and contribution lead to a Golden Rule life. The writing should bring the “Golden Lives” subject to life for the readers, utilizing a minimum of four comprehension questions. Open to all 9th through 12th grade High School Students in Arizona. 

Essay examples:

  • No Matter What Challenges You Face

    No Matter What Challenges You Face: A Remarkable Friendship What traits do you look for in a friend? What activities do you enjoy most with your friends? How would you communicate your feelings if you lost the ability to speak? Two-year olds and adolescents both love the feeling of independence. For the two-year olds, the … Continue reading »No Matter What Challenges You Face

  • Cost of Setting an Example

    What is the Cost of Setting an Example? Think of a time you have given up something you really wanted. What would you have done if you had the choice? How can a personal sacrifice be turned into an example of leadership for others? Not much seems more important in high school than fitting in, … Continue reading »Cost of Setting an Example