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Golden Rule Essay


Golden Lives Essay Criteria:

A biographical essay consisting of a 2–6-page type-written document exported to PDF format. Correct grammatical form is required (MLA standards). Essays should be written about an Arizonan (past or present) who’s impact and contribution lead to a Golden Rule life. The writing should bring the “Golden Lives” subject to life for the readers, utilizing a minimum of four comprehension questions. Open to all 9th through 12th grade High School Students in Arizona. 

Essay examples:

  • An Anonymous Stranger Gives A Helping Hand

    Have you ever interrupted your plans and stopped to help a stranger you might never see again? Have you chosen to be inconvenienced to help with something that might not even affect you? In an election year, late winter and early spring bring the appearance of campaign signs along roadsides the way sporting events bring … Continue reading »An Anonymous Stranger Gives A Helping Hand

  • Egg Money

    Businesses must be profitable to survive. What effect does following the Golden Rule have on their workers, the environment and their community?During the last years of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth, many women kept small flocks of chickens for more than their food value. During good times, “egg money”, made … Continue reading »Egg Money