Stars Shine Brightly Album CD – Without Vocals


Introducing “Golden Rule” music from AGREE inspired by cultures from around the world and created by Arizonans. Meet the Musicians


This CD would contain only the performance backing track without vocals.

1. We Are Agree -Theme Song

2. You are Big, I am small – Greece (Pre – K)

3. Help me! I’m Stuck – MEXICO (Kindergarten)

4. Listen Closely – INDIA (1st Grade)

5. Get up and put ‘em Pebbles in – ARIZONA (2nd Grade)

6. How do ya Call yer ole Best Buddy? – North Carolina (3rd Grade)

7. That’s my Belief – Africa (4th Grade)

8. We are all One World – China (5th Grade)

9. Tran Tran Tre-Otra! – (La Belleza del Corazon) Spain (6th Grade)

10. There Must be Another Way – Russia (7th Grade)

11. Nuh wah do hey yaw duh (Peace) – Native American (Cherokee) 8th Grade

12. Stars Shine Brightly – AGREE Cup Song


Part of our original Arts Curriculum available to AZ Educators at no cost.  Request yours here.


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