AZTV Golden Rule Kids

As part of AGREE’s goal to recognize the positive actions of schools, staff and students, we are searching for nominations for the Golden Rule Student of the Month. Do you know of a young person who applies the Golden Rule to interactions with others? Perhaps they have acted to bring a negative situation to a more positive resolution. Perhaps they have shown empathy and kindness to someone experiencing difficulties. Perhaps they have reacted to a disagreement with civility and respect, building bridges of understanding and perhaps even friendship.

Nominate someone here so they can be recognized on AZTV! A Golden Rule Student will be announced at the end of the month (April 27th is the first), – LIVE on AZ TV between 8:00 – 9:30 a.m. Their Golden Rule “vignette” will be repeated during the next entire month.

To nominate a Golden Rule Student, please fill out the form below and if you’d like, submit a short video showing us some Golden Rule moments.

Nominate-Student of the Month

We may contact you for further details. If your nominee is chosen, we will ask for and contact at least one or two person(s) you suggest as additional references. Also, we’ll ask for the nominee’s contact information so we can confirm them as Golden Rule Student of the Month. Then, they will be featured in a 3 minute “live” segment on AZ TV. If this is a young child, their parent or guardian may accompany them on TV.



A 6-year-old student from Camp Verde Elementary is this month’s Golden Rule Student, and we are so proud to welcome her to Arizona Daily Mix! Pat McMahon speaks with the family about the ways that she is making a difference in her school, and being an exemplary example of the golden rule.



You can watch her story on Arizona Daily Mix, and you can vote for her in the America’s Got Talent semi-finals… and you can give her a round of applause, because Evie Clair is the Golden Rule Student of the Month! Arizona Golden Rule Educational Experiences is proud to present the winner of this prestigious award, which spotlights children in our school system that stand out for the right reasons. When their diligent study, caring friendship, or mature respect shows up in their classes, it helps to make a change for the better in the people around them. Join Pat McMahon in congratulating Evie for her beautiful effect on others lives.